I am truly thrilled and pleased with all of the excitement and interest we have seen for the Chapel Designers NYC 2013 gathering, in fact I am in awe. On March 17th, the Chapel Designers will head to NYC with 60 designers strong. This year our gathering is officially an international event with designers from Australia, Russia, The Virgin Islands and of course designers from all across the US. I am so proud of what this group is accomplishing and of the way we are supporting not only each other, but the industry of wedding and event design. As our group grows it is clear that this collection of designers is not just an annual gathering, but a group that can be enjoyed and experienced daily. As the Chapel Designers group evolves it is clear that we are destined for bigger things beyond our annual meeting. We are setting the bar for excellence in the wedding industry. We are creating a standard for event design. We are naturally effecting the industry by supporting each other with sound business advice and incredible design concepts. We are like a beautiful vine weaving and growing across the country and I am so proud of us. Each day I am so thankful for the Chapel Designers, I am a better designer because of each member. I am stronger because I have the support and encouragement of many.

All designers that attend the NYC 2013 gathering will have a Chapel Designers badge that they can display on their websites or blogs. Chapel Designers will also be offered discounts on products and services as well. We also have a closed forum or chat room where we assist each other daily. The 2013 designers will be let into the chat room once we all meet in NYC. This forum has allowed us to have constant contact with each other and it has given us all daily support. For past Chapel Designers that are unable to attend the 2013 NYC gathering, an annual fee will be set in place, that will begin the week we head to NYC. This will allow those designers an opportunity to remain members of the group even though they were unable to attend this year. We will also be posting a list of annual challenges for the Chapel Designers. This list will be very lengthy and designers will be asked to complete 3 assignments from the list. We will work on this task list in NYC, so be thinking about ideas or challenges for the list. This goal list will encourage each designer to grow and reach a little higher. Don’t be afraid, there will be some really easy and attainable goals on the list. Each designer gets to decide how high they want to reach. This is my way of being a nice flower mamma and giving us all a little push.

The list of challenges will look something like this….

  1. Be photographed so that you have a professional head shot.
  2. Write 5 blog posts
  3. Try a new form of social media
  4. Update your contracts or documents
  5. Study your craft with others. I am suggesting Ariella Chezar, Francoise Weeks, Laura Iarocci from Faith Flowers, Alicia and Chuck from Flirty Fleurs, Holly Chapple,
  6. Visit your wholesaler
  7. Help another designer with advice or kindness
  8. Speak at your local garden club or attend a garden club event
  9. Study in Europe
  10. Work on branding
  11. Teach
  12. Add new services, like styling, rentals, lighting, drape
  13. Start a retirement plan
  14. Study new design materials via the internet or a book
  15. Style a photo shoot
  16. Submit your work to an editor
  17. Write a blog post for an industry blog like Flirty Fleurs or Botanical Brouhaha
  18. Assist or intern with another Chapel Designer
  19. Work with your local board of tourism to increase weddings in your region
  20. Submit your work to Flower Magazine, Flirty Fleurs, Botanical Brouhaha or The Full Bouquet
  21. Take a photography class
  22. Find a nanny to help with the kids
  23. Think about the future, can the business you are creating be sold. Buy something as an investment.
  24. Be a flower mentor
  25. Create a marketing video
  26. Reach out to your local newspapers and seek press
  27. Visit your local arboretum or garden center.
  28. Work on industry relationships in your market
  29. Apply to Style Me Pretty
  30. Update your website

I have also received many requests from designers asking if they can bcomee a Chapel Designer without attending NYC. Currently that is not an option. Only designers that have gathered with us in NYC will be added into the group. This will keep us growing slowly and it will mean everyone in the group is someone we know and have a relationship with. As I look to the future I do imagine a second conference each year so that we can strengthen our offerings. I will also begin mentoring and teaching privately here at the HCF studio. If either of these offerings is successful we may consider allowing those designers into the group. Each day this “gathering of stylish wedding experts” is evolving and I am so pleased with its natural progression.

I would also like to thank the following designers or wedding experts.

David Beahm , Karen Tran, Ariella Chezar, and Anne Chertoff. We will be designing with David Beahm and Karen Tran on Tuesday and Ariella Chezar on Wednesday. Anne Chertoff the owner of Anne Chertoff Media, will discuss social media with us on Monday. Having Anne and Ariella join our event is a nice little treat that many of you may not know about.  This year is sure to be amazing and we are thrilled about NYC 2013. As always, I am here for each of you!!!

  • Morgan Walker Says: (02.06.2013 | 09:36)

    Just super duper fabulous you are!!! Im so proud to be in this group! Wake me up, is this real!! Thank you Holly!

  • Sherry D. Says: (02.06.2013 | 09:58)

    Not sure I won’t just bust a gut before we get to march…I am going to be living my dream…thank you Holly!!

  • lisa sommer Says: (02.06.2013 | 11:32)

    So excited to return for another amazing adventure in NYC with the Chapel Deigners….looking forward to seeing old friends and reaching out to new ones ….see you all soon 🙂

  • kate Says: (02.11.2013 | 02:26)

    I see you’re sold out for 2013. How do I join the group?

  • Christy Hulsey Says: (02.17.2013 | 11:22)

    I am SO EXCITED as I am eager to be included in this floral adventure. Thanks, Holly!

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