I am happy to announce that designer Karen Tran accompanied by her daughter Aileen Tran, will be joining the Chapel Designers in NYC on March 17th 2013.  Karen and Aileen have agreed to design with the Chapel Designers on Tuesday March 19th. Much of this is possible because of my amazing friend David Beahm who is allowing me to not only bring students into his production offices but an additional design team. Finding design space for a group this big in NYC can be quite the challenge and none of this would be coming together if it were not for David. In addition to presenting on Tuesday, Karen and Aileen will be in attendance for the entire conference and they will participate in our group discussion day.

I am also happy to report that graphic designer Rachel Merkle will be joining us in NYC. Rachel helped to create The Full Bouquet blog and she is currently working on new websites for several of the Chapel Designers. Rachel will be available to speak with the designers about updates or graphic changes that they may need to make to enhance their business websites or blogs. Rachel will explain some basic things that we need to be doing to freshen up our web presence. The conference will also offer guidance from a financial adviser, many of us are small business owners and we need to begin saving for our future. We will also have a social media assistant at the conference if any of the designers need help with twitter, facebook, blogging, and linking. Many designers have requested help in these areas and I want you to know that I am listening to your requests, and I am doing my very best to oblige. I want to make the 2013 conference even better!!!

Please read the bio of our latest speaker and know that we are very lucky to have Karen and Eileen!!!

Karen Tran is an internationally recognized floral and event designer.With more than 20 years of experience in the luxury event industry, Karen is best known for creating exquisite grand scale floral arrangements that have been featured world wide through online and print publications.

A known trendsetter in her field, Karen has expanded her design sensibility beyond floral arrangements and now offers full service event décor and design services to create top to bottom breathtaking events.  Utilizing her social media savvy, Karen’s online presence has garnered thousands of fans worldwide and continues to grow–leading to the opportunity to travel across the globe and transform venues from the ordinary to extraordinary.

Notable clients include Patek Phillipe Luxurious Timepieces, VH-1 “Tough Love – -The Wedding” and the CW Network’s “Shedding for the Wedding.”

Karen Tran resides in San Diego, California with her husband, three daughters and faithful Yellow Labrador Cooper.

Tickets are sold out.

You can read more about the Chapel Designers here.

  • Peggy Sherwood Says: (11.19.2012 | 02:51)

    Holly…I think I may have just had a mini heart attack….could I possibly be in the same room with you and Karen Tran?!!!!!!!!! Holy Cow….I am thinking NYC may just be heaven!!!!!!!

  • Susan McLeary Says: (11.19.2012 | 04:44)

    I second Peggy’s sentiments!! This is going to be absolutely incredible!!

  • Courtenay Lambert Says: (11.19.2012 | 06:42)

    Ditto Holly! She is seriously my fave designer. Can’t wait to meet her.

  • Angie Strange Says: (11.19.2012 | 07:56)

    How exciting! Can’t wait for March!!! NYC here I come!

  • Michelle Van Eimeren Says: (11.19.2012 | 09:30)

    I am completely speechless! This year has flown by, but now the good part is on the horizon, how slow is time passing……..?

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