My wholesaler knows when to tempt me so last week she offered me blushing bride protea. I have always wanted to design with this flower and because of this I purchased one sweet little bunch. Sadly there was no bride for this lovely bouquet but it just had to be made. Thankfully photographer Geneveieve Leiper snapped a few images of my precious creation.  Protea’s are typically large rather harsh looking flowers, the blushing bride protea is about the size of a half dollar with a lovely soft blush tone.  There is a dainty wispy fringe all around the edge of the flower which makes the bloom appear soft and elegant. If you look into the center of this bridal bouquet you will see the blushing bride protea.

Pink ohara cabbage roses, clematis pods, seeded euc, bunny tails, sea oats, and spray roses were also used to create this bouquet. I loved creating this design.

  • floristsingapore Says: (09.05.2012 | 08:44)

    nice collection and looks good.

  • FloristSingapore Says: (09.05.2012 | 08:46)

    i would the collection of the weddings and the flowers.

  • FloristSingapore Says: (09.05.2012 | 08:49)

    this is lovely collection

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