So its official, we just had our first farm tour!! I can hardly believe the things that happen here on a day to day basis. When I was asked to host 25 youth at our home/studio/farm, I simply said yes.  So I was a little panicked late last night as I realized that the tour was tomorrow. With my open heart I had said YES, but I didn’t think about cleaning up the place, or exactly what in the world I should share.  So since the tour was really happening I just dove in like I always do and I made it work. One things for certain I was in the garden until dark last night and back at it again at 6:00 am. I tried desperately to get the weeds under control and to be ready for our visitors. Thankfully Sadie took on the roll of the official greeter.

There was no shortage of Sadie petting.

We spent time in the garden discussing the business, and how I became a designer. I took all 25 kids on a tour of the property explaining how I use different plants, trees, and flowers in my creations.

Of course a trip to Holly’s house always includes a visit to the cooler and an “in the cooler” photo.

I showed Loudoun Counties young future leaders some of our designs, our latest photo shoots, and I gave them piles of magazines that featured our work.

This was a mighty fun morning. I am kicking myself for not taking their picture in front of the red door. You know how I love to get those group shots.  I loved doing this tour and I hope there are many more in our future!!!

  • Jessica Jones Says: (08.07.2012 | 03:28)

    Holly this is awesome! I am a huge fan of our youth learning about agriculture and horticulture! Fabulous!!!

  • Morgan Says: (08.07.2012 | 07:03)

    So so cool!! You look fantastic!!!

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