Many months ago one of our brides requested edison lights over her dance floor. This is a very popular look and fairly easy to achieve if you have tent poles, barn rafters, a roof line or even a few trees but in this circumstance there was absolutely no rigging or support. Because Evan is incredibly clever he went about engineering a design for our bride. Because of Evans incredible efforts our studio is now offering a self standing canopy of lights. The support posts are black iron and they are surrounded by a cocktail table which Evan built.  Evan also worked with the company Local Wood  to create rustic cherry table tops for our design. Evans design was executed and styled perfectly.  I am so excited that our studio can now offer this type of lighting and I don’t know of another studio that can offer this concept. Go Evan, go team Chapple!!!

This wedding was a huge success and the guests loved dancing under our canopy of edison lights.

Here are a few pictures of the florals we created for this wedding.


This wedding took place at Oxon Hill.

Bridal bouquet of peach juliet roses, yellow peony, white peony, succulents, yarrow, billy balls, and seeded euc.

Maids carried yellow billy balls, yarrow, peach finesse roses, peach stock, seeded euc, and peach spray roses.

Our studio did the flowers, lighting, styling and day of planning for this event. In addition to this wedding we also worked at the Fairmont Hotel, Whitehall Manor, Murray Hill, and a Country Club in Fairfax. We had an amazing weekend and I am thrilled with our studios continuous progress, we are seriously growing, changing, and developing. I will try and post more images from the weekend over the next few days, but I am not promising. I am currently on a plane headed to California for a 3 day intensive study program with designer Ariella Chezar. I will do my best to keep the blog up and going but I am going to be in my zone, doing what I love, and I may just have to let this place slip for a few days!!!

  • Monica Says: (06.14.2012 | 07:46)

    These are gorgeous! You are so talented!

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