Yesterday my neighbor Mrs. Peyton gave me this incredible old mixing bowl. Knowing that I had hundreds and hundreds of hydrangeas begging to be cut I decided to hit the garden and I knew I would design in my new antique bowl.  I have 10 to 15 varieties of hydrangea on the property and the blooms are starting to peak.  A quick  run through the garden produced this mound of hydrangea.

Here are some of my bushes…

Hydrangea blooms need to be cut early in the morning or late in the evening. If you cut the flowers during the middle of the day you are sure to find them wilted on the bush. Hydrangeas are one of the easiest flowers to arrange with due to their big full and amazing size, but make sure you design them directly in water to ensure a design you can enjoy for days!!!

For this design I decided to use chicken wire as a grid, This will hold my flowers in place.

The chicken wire needs to be folded into a form that can fit into the bottom of the bowl. Because the wire was bigger than the bottom of the bowl as it starts to pop open it catches on the sides of the bowl.  By pushing the wire into the small space I have created a tight grid for my flowers.

The bowl needs to be filled with water of course.

Stems were placed directly into the water and held in place by the wire.

I started by inserting stem after stem, as the bowl began to get full I worked on the shape of my design.

Super easy right!!!!

The design was so beautiful that I found myself loving on it throughout the day. Which of course caused us to get out the camera.

Happy day and hit the hydrangea bush nearest you!!!!

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