Along with my love for cutting flowers from my own back yard, I love the impressionist artwork of Édouard Manet, and reading the works of Jane Austen.  My name is Amelia, and I am entering my third year of college, at The King’s College, but before I return to NYC I I have the joy of interning with Holly, and her warm, creative staff.  I have found a great place to be in the swirling activity of weddings, flowers, and all things beautiful.  Down a long and winding country road is where you will find Holly’s studio.  The drive is flanked by lush foliage, bright peonies, and the official welcoming committee Sadie and Grizzly, the families’ two dogs.

The work week starts with deliveries from Holly’s many sources which include champion growers from international and local Virginia farms.

Here is a recently planted field of dahlias.  Holly’s favorite dahlia grower is Don.  She is excited to see that her babies have been planted and even more excited to see that Don the dahlia man, is also Don the peony man!!!!

And then the magic begins.

First the flowers are hand selected, then they are arranged, and moved into the cooler.

Since I wasn’t there to watch Manet paint, and I am 200 years too late to befriend Miss Austen, I am looking forward to watching and participating in the artistry of the Full Bouquet, and the love that goes into each order.

In a few days with Holly I have learned the names of countless flowers, that the smell of white stock reminds me of Christmas, and that an arrangement of flowers is much more than the sum of the parts. It is a work of art, expertly created.  I am so excited by the opportunity that Holly has given me to see the artistry come to life.

  • Pam Morris Says: (05.18.2012 | 12:14)

    Amelia is one lucky girl to intern with the BEST in the industry. Enjoy1

  • Southern Traditions Says: (05.19.2012 | 03:08)

    I hope Amelia will write often while she is with you. She is lucky to be there— and delightful to read!

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