It’s bright and early on Tuesday morning. I know it’s time to get up because I can hear my iPhone sharing with me the Twitter chatter of my Chapel Designers. The twitter feed is telling me that the designers are making plans to hit the flower market and quite honestly the flower market is calling me as well. So I will keep this post short and sweet. Today I am sharing with you the beautiful images taken by photographer Vicki Grafton.  These picture show the amazing studio of Matthew Robbins and some of our incredible designers. The Florabundance flowers are pretty freaking beautiful as well.

Yesterday we spent the day with Tara Guerard, and David Beahm. The knowledge that we learned was invaluable. I am certain each designer is feeling a little overwhelmed with all of this knew information. Honestly growing and learning new business practices can be very scary, but for us it’s also really pretty.  I will try to blog later tonight but for now I just want to hit the flower market and I have to be on time for a very important date, all of the Chapel Designers are visiting the corp. offices of Martha Stewart today.  Pinch me!!!

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