Our first night was fabulous and completely amazing. Reconnecting with old friends and meeting new ones was a true joy. For our first night in the big apple we had the honor and pleasure of spending time with designer Matthew Robbins. Matthew hosted the Chapel Designers in his NYC studio.  Matthew was a lovely and gracious host. Each designer received a copy of Matthews new book Inspired Weddings and all designers had a chance to get their books autographed. The book is truly beautiful and I can’t wait to sit back and absorb each page. The book is most certainly perfect for those designers that focus on the wedding industry. Get it, Chapel Designers.

Extraordinary blooms were provided by Florabundance. Luckily for us, owner Joost Bongaerts of Florabundance was one of our special guests this evening. We were very fortunate to have Florabundance product at our big event tonight.

Matthews collection of vintage containers made me feel right at home!!

Photographer Liz Banfield was also a guest this evening at our Chapel Designers event. I have admired her work for several years so this was a super big pleasure and treat.

It’s 12:22 and all of the Chapel Designers have gone off to bed and I think I better call it a day as well. We have a very busy day ahead of us tomorrow. I will share more images from this very special evening as soon as photographer Vicki Grafton shares her pretty pictures with our group!!!

  • Danielle Says: (03.12.2012 | 09:49)

    What a special trip and a fabulous group of designers you have assembled! I look forward to seeing all of the fantastical things that you are all doing this week!

  • botanical brouhaha Says: (03.12.2012 | 11:26)

    Look at that collection of containers!! So excited to follow what you guys are doing this week. Another amazing trip, Holly!

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