These beauties were created for an EID celebration in DC. Artichokes, dates, and pomegranates were used. This symbolizes  bounty and well-being. I had to pass a lot of clearance to get these babies where they were destined to go and yesterday was very surreal for me. I stood parting the most amazing crystal chandeliers to place these elevated designs and when I looked around me I could not believe how far I had come. I hope to share with you the destination of these flowers very soon.

The smaller designs were created by wrapping a square glass cube vase with an aralia leaf and spanish moss. We then inserted pomegranates, cabbage roses, Don’s dahlias, billy balls and orchids into the design. Each design also featured the date branches. Yesterday was amazing!!!!

  • Amanda Mae Says: (09.08.2011 | 02:03)

    Wow, what stunning designs. Those dahlias are gorgeous!!!!!

  • Christie Says: (09.08.2011 | 02:11)


  • Jeanette Weiler Says: (09.08.2011 | 06:16)

    Stunning designs…all I could think of how rich the colors and textures were. I especially loved the pomegranates, artichokes, and Dahlias. The colors and texture together really pack a visual punch. Gorgeous! Anxious to know where they went to…if flowers could talk….

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