Last weekend proved to be a bit of a challenge as we were servicing several events, and of course we were dealing with the extreme heat. Thankfully it looks like it was yet again another successful weekend for us atHollyHeiderChappleFlowers.  In addition to all of the events our family was also packing for our scheduled vacation at the beach. Designing for a rehearsal dinner, four weddings, and one huge corp. party was a lot; packing the Chapple clan for the beach was beyond a lot!!!! We have safely arrived at the beach and I am claiming some much deserved family time. I may have to let some of the blogging go, but if I have free time I will give you some posts. For now here are some of the designs from last weekends amazing events.

These were the centerpieces at our RiverFarm wedding.

These designs belonged to our wedding at the Hay Adams.

Each piece was truly special and amazing and we are so proud of all we accomplished. Now I am headed to the beach.

  • alicia Says: (08.29.2011 | 03:08)

    Love those plates!!

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