When a flower delivery begins with a bride on her knees thanking you for the bouquet,  you can be fairly confident that you have done a great job, provided an amazing product, and pretty much hit a home run!!!

My whole journey with Katy, Jon Erik, and Katy’s mom was an amazing experience, an experience that landed us all on the pages of the latest Bride & Groom Magazine by Washingtonian. Katy and her mom continuously exuded complete trust in my ideas and my art, and they allowed me to design this wedding from beginning to end. We helped with vendors selection, linens, time management, theme development, styling, and of course the flowers. Their constant belief in me, had my creative side in over drive. This family will forever have a special place in my heart.


Katy carried antique green hydrangea with burgundy tips, silver brunia, dark milva roses, wine colored callas, wine toned dahlias, orchids, grasses, berry, fiddle head ferns, and we even painted billy balls a deep red tone. The bouquet was bound with bark wire. Grandma Elma’s letter E brooch was placed on the front of the bouquet, and a second brooch on the back of the bouquet represented Katy’s other grandmother. I can’t get over how lovely Katy looked on her wedding day, everything was perfect.

I look at these pictures and I just want to scream OMG, everything is so pretty. I love the gowns, love the hair, love the happy faces and I do love the designs we created for this very special day.

Dusty miller, silver brunia, and the gray toned fabric floret were added into the designs when Katy showed me the color of the maids shoes. Up until this point, the bouquets were intended to be all Fall colors, with the introduction of gray shoes, and gray jewelery I made the executive decision to hit the bouquets with the gray accents. Much to my surprise when the pictures came in the girls even had gray sweaters. I am so thankful I took the time to connect all of the dots.

Jon Erik got a “Hollyish” bout, which means we created an amazing piece of floral art, rather than the standard rose boutonniere. We used fiddle head fern, spray roses, grasses, and orchids for the design and the stems were wrapped with moss.

The incredible invitations were designed by the Dandelion Patch.

Groom Jon Erik sketched the above save the date card. His amazing design of falling leaves became my inspiration for the ceremony decor and also the place card design.

I was convinced that we could create a place card design that would look like Jon Erik’s sketch and I believe we were very successful. The cards were displayed as if they were falling leaves. As you can see this wedding is loaded with truly yummy details, so many that I am going to save the rest of the pictures for our next post so don’t forget to check back for more of the Katy & Jon Erik wedding story. As you can see I truly loved this event!!

As always a world of thanks to photographer Genevieve Leiper, you are such a superstar, and I am always grateful when you are on the job!!!

Oh happy day!!! I love seeing our work published.

  • alicia Says: (06.22.2011 | 12:34)

    love the bridal bouquet, gorgeous colors. the escort card display is so unique.

  • Lauren @ ELD Says: (06.22.2011 | 01:04)

    love love love!! The colors are gorgeous!

  • Abby Grace Photography Says: (06.22.2011 | 01:09)

    i love what you wrapped the bride’s bouquet with- very rustic chic and it tied so well into the autumn theme. Dandelion Patch = adore. the save-the-dates were amazing, too! congratulations on the feature!!

    • Holly Chapple Says: (06.22.2011 | 01:44)

      Thank you all, we are really proud of this “Holly Styled” wedding.

  • Alexandra Jusino Says: (06.22.2011 | 01:58)

    That bridal bouquet is right there with one of my favorites.

  • Courtenay Lambert Says: (06.22.2011 | 03:02)

    Gorgeous work as usual Holly! Congratulations!

  • Liz Rusnac Says: (06.22.2011 | 04:06)

    congrats Holly!!!! I LOVED this bouquet, and the brides reaction was priceless!!! 🙂

  • Kelley Says: (06.23.2011 | 02:56)

    Holly, love this. Katy on her knees freaking out about the flowers was absolutely priceless! You are amazing at what you do!!

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