This is a fun little love story about Kristin and Jeffrey!! This lovely couple married last Spring at the Thomas Birkby House. I provided the flowers and I of course fell in love with Kristin. Are you feeling the love yet? Kristin's sister Jen, is a graphic artist and she happened to be creating all of the paper products with Kristin for this awesome wedding.

We had so much fun working with this amazing pattern created by Kristin and Jen that we also fell in love with this sister duo.

As event designers it was wonderful to have so many fabulous paper products to work with. Kristin's wedding was one of the first weddings that we (Holly Heider Chapple Flowers) officially styled. We gathered props from everywhere, but it was the paper products that really gave this wedding it's signature look.

Working together on Kristin's wedding made this fabulous sister team realize that they loved creating paper products with personality for weddings and events and they loved working together. So the wonderful and very loving Jeffrey allowed Kristin to leave her big time high profile job, to start a career she loved!! So this wedding story is also the birth of LilyPadWeddings.

Here are some of the incredible designs being offered by LilyPadWeddings.

Isn't this a great LOVE story?

A big huge thanks to the amazing photographer Michelle Lindsay who captured not only the beautiful paper products but the wedding as well.  You are awesome!!

  • Kristin Regen Says: (02.23.2011 | 04:50)

    Holly, we are in love with YOU!! Thank you so much for this very kind feature. You were amazing to work with on a personal level when I was a bride, and it’s been such a pleasure continuing that relationship on a professional level. Your artistry, creative talents, and business practices are an inspiration!!
    PS – A big thanks also to for providing these gorgeous images of our work.

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