We truly have created some of our most inspired designs for this weekends corp. events and our one and only bride.  We even made snowflakes, pretty impressive I know. The snowflakes were made by rolling clear tape in a tube and then dunking them in snow powder. The little rolls of tape were inserted onto the branches of our manzanita trees. There are times it actually boggles my mind that I can be so insistent on a design that I will sit and roll up tape and create snowflakes. Obsessive…

These pieces truly make my heart sing, from the wooden boxes made from old barn wood, to the natural wheat. I am thrilled with these designs and I can't wait to pair them with the mercury glass designs and our vases covered with burlap. The only thing that will be more awesome is the incredible linen they will be placed on. We are using a black toile table cloth, and I can t wait to see this come together.

We have a really wonderful wedding, and contemporary corp. party, also chilling in the cooler but we have had trouble with the blog tonight.  Each event is truly stunning and I will bring you images as quickly as I can.!!!

Congratulations to our son Alex who finished his masters dissertation today. You are an amazing man!!! Next comes marriage!!!

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