For 4 years straight, I had a remarkable holiday open house. We held it right here in my family room. Past brides, clients, and the community, were invited to come to our home to purchase their holiday decor. The open house was a ton of work but we loved having the freedom to create for creations sake.  Our pieces and our open house were truly amazing.

Can you imagine hosting something like this in your family room with small children? I was pregnant with Grace when we did the last open house, and last year and this year I just simply did not have the courage to destroy my family room with 3 small children, not to mention the four other kids who live here as well. You may have noticed it's hard for me to say no, or to use brakes, but I just had to find some NO for this event.  Its sad not to have open house for so many reasons, first off, it was awesome to be visited by our brides, I miss them so much after they marry. Secondly our designs are stunning and it was nice to be able to share them.

For those still hoping to have some Holly in the house we are happy to create designs specifically for you. We offer wreaths, roping, garland, kissing balls, centerpieces, as well as private design consultations for your home, so please feel free to give us a call and place an order. We will also be offering some of our designs at On A Whim Antiques as well. Fresh evergreen designs will last well into the New Year if watered.

Happy Holidays!!!

  • Tracy Says: (12.01.2010 | 07:57)

    I must tell you I started to panic when I read this post. #1 I couldn’t imagine why I hadn’t been invited this year, #2 and why hadn’t I been asked to help in some way!!! I look forward to the year your open house returns!!! I love just coming and sitting in your beautiful home looking at all the beauty that surrounds.
    Love you dear friend!!

  • melissa Says: (12.01.2010 | 08:36)

    HOLLY! Ohmygoodness the new website is just perfect. It’s so beautiful and tastefully done and shows off your unbelieveable works just perfectly. I LOVE it. You’re simply the best! 🙂 xoxo
    By the way, how was Thanksgiving? Mine was spent in NJ with Rick’s Fam. I need to come see you this winter. I miss you, your family and your sweet doggies!

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