The day we designed the flowers for Meredith's wedding, we all stood in the flower shop truly squealing with delight. We knew at that moment, we were creating unique, and remarkable, pieces of art. We were simply delighted. When the images from Stephan Ascari got here, I once again found myself squealing with joy. Thank you Stephanie for doing such an awesome job photographing this wedding, and thank you for being so generous with your images. Another big huge thanks goes to designer Lisa Schulz the Posh Planner who designed and planned the event. When Lisa and I work together on a project, the results are always amazing. I think Merediths wedding was one of our finest events of the year. A year that has been very busy and very fulfilling. I am grateful for the many looks we have created together. Enjoy these simply wonderful pictures!!

Flowers of the day were quicksand roses, sahara roses, milky way roses, bunny tails, scabiosa pods, cream hydrangea, fiddle head ferns, blue privet berry, crocosmia pods, seeded euc, and pheasant feathers. This combination of flowers was so incredibly lovely, in fact every aspect of this wedding was just beautiful. I love Meredith's dress, the table settings, the private estate where the wedding took place, I love it all!!!!!

LOVE this picture!

I just LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, this wedding.

Happy married life Meredith. Thank you for letting me do your wedding flowers.


  • Megan Pollard Says: (11.19.2010 | 07:22)

    Holly~ Oh my that is one of the most romantic weddings I have ever seen! I love it… what a gift you have!!

  • Annie Says: (11.19.2010 | 09:25)

    SO natural in such a lush and lavish way! Just remarkable!! It’s really quite a vision come to life! How beautiful.
    I can’t believe those roses… God is good!

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