Truly, for all of my career I have wanted to do a wedding at the Goodstone Inn. This is the start of my 19th wedding season, and over the last 19 years we have done events at the Library of Congress, The Ronald Reagan Building, The Smithsonian's, DC's famous art Gallery's, and many other amazing venues, but my heart has always wanted to be at the Goodstone.  This past weekend I was honored to provide the flowers for Marianne and Albert. This couple actually became engaged while staying at the inn, so it was only fitting that there wedding would take place in this remarkable setting.

Even though I am a flower-girl, I am half horsey-girl ( my mom is a serious horse woman)  I think that is why this venue has always intrigued me; it is an old horse farm, and the estate's stables have actually been converted into beautiful guest rooms. There are also several cottages on the property for guests to reside in during there stay in Loudoun's horse country.  My favorite location on the property is this ruin of the original manor home. I thought it was the perfect back drop for the ceremony. I seriously wanted to design flowers for the second story windows, much to my staffs concern.

This place is so beautiful, I just wanted to scream with delight the whole time I was on the property.  Many thanks to The Posh Planner, Lisa Schulz, her design and management of this event was stellar. This was one of the biggest weddings this venue has seen, with several different tents or designed locations. We had a ceremony area, a dinning space, cocktail spaces, lounges, and a even a separate area for dancing, all with florals and decor. This wedding was so much fun to work on, and I am truly grateful Lisa suggested me for this event. GO POSH!!!

Our bride loved purple so a color palette of purple, red, and gold was chosen.

The bridal bouquet was created with purple anemone, purple stock, purple callas, purple agapanthus, purple hydrangea, purple delphinium, purple vanda orchids, deep burgundy red peony, and red ranunculus. I inserted just a few gold pins into some of the ranunculus, this gave the bouquet a hint of gold.

The tent featured one seriously long head table and 20 other round tables for guests. This main table featured two elevated designs and a series of smaller designs and bud vases.

Genevieve Leiper photography and her crew of amazing photographers captured every lovely detail. Honestly, Genevieve is the bomb.  Look how rich these photographs are. Go Genevieve, we love you!!!!!!!

I love the detail photographs of the jewelery and the brides shoes. If the picture is missing flowers, I usually skip it for my posts, but I just had to share some more of her amazing abilities. Gen. really knows how to capture the day.

A huge round of applause to Victoria Stiles who did hair, and makeup, Christina from Paperzest and of course the Goodstone Inn. This wedding was truly a dream come true for me, and I am so glad I got to strut my stuff at the Goodstone. I have always wanted to design a ceremony sight that was this grand…

Happy married life Marianne and Albert. I was thrilled to do your wedding flowers.

  • Kristen Gardner Says: (11.15.2010 | 01:29)

    Amazing! Way to go, Holly and Genevieve!

  • Trish Says: (11.15.2010 | 01:52)

    This is truly amazing! I always love purple and red, and the flowers on the ivy wall are outstanding!

  • Melissa Cohen Says: (11.15.2010 | 07:42)

    AMAZING venue!!!!!

  • Denise Says: (11.15.2010 | 11:36)

    Holly – you knocked this one out of the park! Great job!

  • Emily Tabachka Says: (11.16.2010 | 08:06)

    The flowers were gorgeous! We were thrilled to have you here at Goodstone and look forward to working together often in the future. Thank you for such a wonderful job.

  • Elanie Says: (11.16.2010 | 06:27)

    The wedding venue is a winner and the wedding flowers simply completed the whole scene!

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