You know it has been one heck of an awesome wedding season when your brides are literally bowing at your feet. Many thanks to my bride Katy, who actually fell to her knees with delight when she saw her bridal bouquet. I can't even begin to explain to you the range of emotions I felt, when Katy flew to her knees. I am beyond grateful that our designs are so lovingly received. It is a true blessing to do the work I do! Thank you Genevieve Leiper for capturing one of my all time favorite images. Thank you Katy, for allowing me to publish it here on my blog!! Here are a few more pics from Katy's wedding, that I just had to share on this crisp Fall day.

Isn't my bride pretty?

Isn't my bouquet pretty?

Have a great day!!!

  • melissa Says: (11.11.2010 | 11:32)

    you are SO loved!

  • Jenny Says: (04.27.2011 | 09:46)

    I love these flowers! What flowers are used or anymore pictures by chance?
    I am having a gray wedding and both flowers would look amazing!

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