Katy and Mom, thank you, thank you, thank you! Allowing me to style your wedding, as well as provide the flowers was something I just adored doing.  Katy and Mrs. D hired me to be, not only the florist, but the event stylist. Knowing that this was a new package we were offering this year, they moved forward with me with complete and total faith. Their faith, gave me wings. I got to help Katy and her mom completely style this event. We worked together to develop the total, look, feel, and of this remarkable wedding.

I literally was allowed to create anything I wanted and it was an amazing experience. We discussed flowers, color, and style, but I was left to make it all work.

Katy does not know this but my first challenge came when she announced the maids would be wearing platinum shoes and platinum toned jewelry not just the metal but actual serious platinum accents, including platinum sweaters. We had been talking about orange, wine tones, purples, greens, and yellow craspedia. With the addition of the platinum attire, I felt platinum really needed to be added to the maids bouquets. My first thought was the craspedia which was the yellow would have to leave the wedding but it was one of Katy's favorite flowers so I painted the craspedia or billy balls a burgundy tone so that we could still use them. To get the platinum in the bouquets I added dusty miller, silver brunia balls, and seeded euc.  So yellow left the wedding!!

I also found these awesome platinum florets of chiffon ribbon in NYC, and we added those to the front of each maids bouquet.

Although we did not want or have a theme, we did have an amazing sketch that Jon Erik the groom had designed. The sketch was of a tree with the leaves falling, the drawing became the couples save the date. I used that sketch to inspire the place card board and the altar.

We used two of my chuppah poles to create the look of a tree with falling fall leaves.

We marked the aisle with my grapevine balls and twine.

I found a remarkable linen that was a nice heavy weight, it had an awesome brown thread running through the fabric, it was almost a refined corderoy fabric or a glorified burlap. I wanted something just a bit heavier or richer than linen. The groom did all of the calligraphy. Yep, girls you can get the guys involved.

The wedding took place at the Meadowlark Garden in Vienna. The atrium has a lovely room for receptions and it features an indoor creek. There are also four trees in the corner of the room. We hung small arrangements of moss on each of those trees.

We closed the reception area off with a mixed garland.

Our little flower girl had the most amazing basket and halo.

Elevated designs were created on my iron stands.

Low centerpieces were created in boxes made from old barn wood.  I used my new little mini chalkboards througout the whole wedding. I bought the chalkboards from Stephanie Aspinwall of Pretty Entertaining.

The centerpieces were designed with antique green hydrangea, free spririt roses, black baccara roses, silver brunia, sea star fern, seeded euc, the last of Don's Dahlias, spray roses, dusty miller, scabiosa pods, fiddle head ferns, and snapdragons.  We also added pods, berries and mushroom ledges.

Our grooms bout was created with mini orchids, mini spray roses, scabiosa pods and florets of hydrangea. The stems were bound with a moss wrap. SEXY! 

Okay, well this post will has to become a two part post, because not 1 but 2 of the children have missed the bus. OMG!!!

  • Laurie (Fleurie-flowers by L Garza) Says: (11.03.2010 | 10:10)

    Congratulations on the whole picture. I think you blended the colors and materials wonderfully. especially love the low boxes and the arbor. What a joy it must have been to finish it and know that it was “yours”. I recently got to experience that and it is a very gratifying feeling.

  • alicia Says: (11.03.2010 | 08:31)

    I love how you used dusty miller, silver brunia balls to bring in the platinum color.

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