Miraculously, Don brought us our precious Dahlia's one last time. We love Don, and thought it only appropriate that we send out a big huge thanks to our favorite dahlia man.

We have been so blessed to be working with Don. Each time he arrives at the flower shop, all of the girls squeal with delight. His wife Rhonda sent over these amazing pictures of Don gathering his Dahlias.

I am so proud of the designs we created this season with his famous dahlias.  We will miss him until Spring when his peonies arrive. Loosing Don is a true sign of winter coming and it is a certain kind of depression for me. As a florist and a gardener I am not particularly fond of Winter.  Here are just a few of the designs we created over the last few months with Don's dahlias.

Thanks also to Denise for encouraging me to get another post written and up. I got a lovely message from her today about the blog. It is a huge blessing to know people are reading this blog all over the country. Denise is a mom and floral designer in California.

Tomorrow I will bring you pictures from our last really big weekend. This last weekend was really emotional for me. It was my last wedding with the Black family, the wedding of my bride Katy who allowed me to style her whole event, and Melissa and Amy married as well. We also designed with Elodie for the last time and My big boy Alex was also home for the weekend. My children coming and going is always emotional. I get the day off with the rest of the kids today and then it is back to work writing contracts for our 2011 events.


  • Bar Mitzvah Caterers Boston Says: (11.01.2010 | 01:28)

    Nice blog. Beautiful pictures !!!

  • Denise Says: (11.01.2010 | 02:08)

    So glad that I could be your “cheerleader” today! Have a great day~

  • Jaclyne - Heavenly Blooms Says: (11.01.2010 | 11:25)

    You are so SuperMOM… and those dahlias are beautiful. I feel like I know Don through your posts!

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