In the midst of our busy Friday we got to stop for a mini birthday party for designer Debbie. Happy birthday Designer Debbie, we love you!!!

Elodie or Frenchy, worked on our pumpkin centerpieces.

Miriam created these awesome flower girl baskets.

Designer Debbie made mountains of bouts and corsages.

Designer Gabby helped with, bouquets, kids, and our puppy Sadie.

We have 3 events this weekend and we are enjoying a calmer week. I head to NYC once the weddings are complete. I will be looking for new sources, meeting with friends and visiting the NYC flower market. I have some great girls going with me and I am totally excited about our flower trip. I can't wait to show you everything I find in the big apple.

  • melissa Says: (10.24.2010 | 09:30)

    Fall never looked so good! Love the autumn colors!

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