We did it again!!! Allie's mom just contacted me, to sing our praises. Thank you to the big guy in the sky, for watching over this flower house. We are working, working, working, to bring our brides the very best and we are thrilled that we have been so successful.

Allie carried a bouquet of cream sahara roses, milky way roses, quicksand roses, white spray roses, cream hydrangea, pee gee hydrangea, and white phalanoposis orchids. This bouquet was simply dreamy, in fact the whole wedding was a complete and total dream. I worked with 3 different wholesalers, and my favorite local grower Don's Dahlias, to bring this wedding to life. All of the taupe toned roses are extremely hard to come by this season, and I have been begging for my blooms.

Maids carried bouquets of antique pee gee hydrangea, gypsy curiosa roses, cream hydrangea, milky way roses and spray roses. I simply loved this very glamorous fall color scheme.

Holy cannoli! We arrived to the reception just as the cannoli's were delivered. This was a gift from a family member, I have never seen so many amazing sweets in my life. Five people were working to prepare and display this family favorite treat!

Since the cannolis were clearly under control, we went to set up the ballroom. The Lansdowne Resort Country Club, was the reception location, and the venue was simply glowing.

Low centerpieces featured glass hurricane vases and large pillar candles with a cascading flower arrangement of orange dahlias, orange roses, pee gee hydrangea, seeded euc, spray roses, milky way roses, quick sand roses, and hypericum berry.

Placing the flowers on the cake is always so terrifying. I love to design the cake, but I prefer when I can work with the baker, it just seems only fair that we both should see the finished design.

Working side by side with the head pastry chef of Lansdowne Resort, we completed one of the most magnificent cakes I have ever seen.

Every weekend I tell you how much I loved my brides and their families, and this week there was no exception. Each family is so important to me, for so many different reasons. Mrs. W. (MOB) and Allie were so delightful, trusting, loving, and kind, working with them was a total pleasure. In addition to that I will always remember them because of Allie's engagement ring. When Allie came for her first consult, she was wearing a stunning vintage engagement ring. Knowing that my son wanted a vintage ring for his fiance, I asked how they found such an heirloom. Allie is the bride that told our family about James McHones.  This vintage jewelry shop is based in Harrisonburg, VA., and because of Allie, my son Alex was able to find his vintage engagement ring for Mallary. Life is good, and these specialconnections I make with my brides, are simply the icing on the wedding cake.

Happy married life Allie, I LOVED designing your wedding flowers.

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