I am so excited to bring you the awesome wedding images and 8 mm film, from Jenn and Anthony wedding.  Photographer Kate Headley  was kind enough to share her work with us today.  This wedding was a complete, and total, drool worthy dream. I loved the couple, I loved working with Kate and I loved working with Maria and Kelly of Ritzy Bee Events.

Jenn and Anthony wanted to use as many local blooms as possible, so we at Holly Heider Chapple Flowers started growing the couple flowers in early Spring. We also purchased from local growers Don's Dahlias and Fields Of Flowers.

The flowers were to be berry toned and I took that literally and I actually added raspberries to the designs.

The details that Maria and Kelly  think of,  are simply to die for. I look forward to getting to each of our weddings just to see what they have dreamed up next. The vintage key, place cards, simply blew me away.

Our boutonniere's were totally amazing and we had so much fun desiging them!

Truly a beautiful wedding. Happy married life, Jenn and Anthony, we loved doing your wedding flowers.

venue: Sunset Hills Winery, Purcellville, Virginia

planning: Ritzy Bee Events

flowers: Holly Chapple

catering: Fusions

DJ: DJ Connection

  • Jessica Soberay Says: (02.08.2012 | 12:06)

    I was wondering if you could help me out. Jenn & Anthony’s Wedding With Kate Headley Photography, is on your website from 9.28.2010… I am trying to do the same thing they did with Keys for the place cards but I can’t find that many keys like that anywhere. Do you think you could tell me where they got the keys, or if I could buy them from them if they still have them? Any help would be awesome 🙂

    Thank you.

    • Holly Chapple Says: (02.08.2012 | 03:38)

      I am sure the girls from Ritzybee events would know where the keys came from. They were the planners the day of the wedding. I would also check Etsy!!

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