Our weekend started Friday night with this gorgeous fall toned wedding at Rust Manor House in Leesburg, VA.  Donna was the bride of the day, and her bouquet was a rich mix of white dahlias, brown cymbidium orchids, white cabbage roses, gypsy curiosa roses, seeded euc, and jester amaranthus. The only word for this bouquet was stunning. We also wrapped the bouquet with a collar of angel vine. Angel vine is a brown twig that I love to wrap into my designs.



Maids carried bouquets of white dahlias, white stock, white spray roses, white roses, and each bouquet was collared with seeded euc.


The wedding took place on the steps of the manor home.



Centerpieces were created in vintage wooden boxes and I totally loved the look. In fact we now have 15 of these in inventory.


Centerpieces featured copper football mums, white hydrangea, hypericum berry, white roses, gypsy curiosa roses, white stock and filler flowers.



The head table featured 2 elevated designs, lanterns, and smaller designs in the wooden boxes.

Next we headed to Erika's wedding at the Stables at Great Country Farms. Here I used an awesome mix of green and white blossoms with pops of hot pink and yellow. This look was fun, bright and happy.


Erika's bouquet featured green hydrangea, green roses, Don's white dahlias, green cymbidium orchids, hot pink globe amaranthus, pink smartweed, seeded euc, white freesia, and white stock. This was such a refreshing combination. 


The maids were really loose and airy and loaded in great stuff like, green carnations, smartweed, the pink globe amaranthus, white stock, white phlox, seeded euc, green dianthus, and hot pink dahlias.


When I saw the family hanging the place cards on the barn wall, I just simply could not resist, I had to add a few extra flowers from my doctor bucket.



Centerpieces were an amazing mix of all the flowers of the day, plus we added pink zinnia's from my garden, hypericum berry , green amaranthus, and yellow tansy. We used all 3 sizes of mason jars and power packed the table with color and charm. Erica also rented these fabulous table runners from us and we now offer them as a rental. 



We decorated the aisle with these sweet vases and twig poles.


We decorated the cake from Market Salamander with fresh flowers and I begged to have it placed on this wine barrel instead of the usual cake table.



We also used the leftover blossoms to sexy up a few naked areas.


With flowers and scissors in hand, I can decorate anything.


Bride Marci sent her soon to be groom out to the Chapple Flower house to pick up these fabulous centerpieces and bouquets. Marci found me while surfing the internet and she became convinced that the trip to my house for flowers, would be worth her one and half hour drive. She really loves our flowers.




You may notice the amazing dahlias are finally showing up in my designs. My local grower Don is finally harvesting from his crop of dahlias. The incredible heat and lack of rain has made this growing season a real challenge. With the change in climate the dahlias are able to produce. Thank you God, and thank you Don.


This amazing design was created for Lanah. Lanah worked here a short period of time last winter so helping to create these bouquets was awesome. We made this bridal, 8 maids bouquets and over 50 designs in silver trophy bowls. Lanah's wedding took place on her family horse farm in Maryland. For her bridal bouquet, I was so happy to use my clematis vine that had just come into bloom, we also used white cabbage roses, sahara roses, quicksand roses, tuber roses, white mini callas, lambs ear from my garden, white freesia, and seeded euc. This bridal bouquet was completely classic.


Each of the maids bouquets was unique and featured some of the bridal flowers.



In addition to the wedding orders we also provided birthday flowers for Tracy's moms, 75th birthday party. Tracy was my bride 3 years ago, and she had me recreate her bridal centerpieces again, for her moms big day. Now, that is totally cool! I also got to do birthday flowers for Felicity's big birthday. I worked with Felicity 23 years ago at an airline called Presidential airways. I was 20 years old when I last saw her. She found me on Facebook and I was thrilled to be able to provide her family with birthday flowers. Felicity was from Africa and she used to absolutely enthrall us with stories of her life in Africa. 

All in all, I would say we had a pretty rocking weekend, for a small little weekend. The kids are all fine, Evan and I are managing to handle this house, this life, and this business. We certainly have our challenges, but we are dealing with them all. It was a great flower weekend at our place.


  • melissa Says: (09.17.2010 | 04:34)

    I love, love, love the second wedding’s bouquets that were posted on this blog entry! They remind me of mine!!! also, love the wooden boxes that were featured in the first wedding. xoxox
    hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  • WeddingFlowers Says: (10.05.2010 | 01:12)

    Great post! Useful tips on wedding flowers, beautiful flower picture especially the bouquets, thanks for ideas!

  • flower arrangements Says: (10.08.2010 | 05:15)

    Awesome flower arrangements! Simple yet elegant!

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