Today it is Grace’s Birthday. It is hard to believe that are sweet baby girl is one year old today. I had fun looking back at the blog post this time  last year, if you would like to see last years post and the baby Grace pictures you can see them here.  I also posted some of  Grace’s amazing story  here last year.  Grace is truly a miracle. Every day we are with Grace we are so grateful. When we were expecting her, the doctors confirmed that she was going to have some major genetic issues. They told us the chances of Grace being normal were “one in a million”  Guess what they were wrong, and God was so right.
Here are some pictures of our first year with Grace.

These images were taken by the Regeti’s. This photo shoot was one of my favorite baby Grace memories. Our time in the Regeti Studio in Warrenton was so special. It was one of our first big family outings, Amy and Srinu made the day so incredible.  Amy is a baby freak like me, and I was so proud to show her our new little girl. Every minute in their studio was just awesome. We were in the midst of a sea of children that day, the Regeti’s four kids and six of ours. Somehow it was still so exciting and truly fun.  Great memory, great day!!!

Our good friend Donna Johnson shot these pictures of the whole clan. She has been photographing our family for years. She does wonderful work and is patient beyond all belief. This was the first photograph of all of us together.
Our next big family photo session was with Kate Headley Photography. This was in the fall and Grace is such a big girl in these pictures.

Poor Kate, we were in rare Chapple form, we just did not want to behave.

This is our absolute favorite picture of Grace. Kate captured the true warmth of our little girl.

Here is Grace this week with our girlfriend Mallary.

We have had a wonderful year with Grace. Today the snow is falling and her little party will certainly be a lot smaller due to the weather, but I really don’t care.  I am just really glad she got her safe and sound a year ago today.  Thanks to all of the people who help our family and support us each and everyday.

  • Kristen Gardner Says: (01.30.2010 | 02:04)

    Wow… what a beautiful story! Happy Birthday, Grace! You’re just precious.

  • Maria @ Ritzy Bee Says: (01.30.2010 | 05:03)

    So sweet Holly! give her hug for me!

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