We had lots of fun today, and I am going to have even more fun with this post. I am going to hide flowers from one of my blog followers. Dharma is getting married tomorrow, and I want to keep her wedding flowers a secret so here is Dharma's bouquet.


In fact, I am going to hide most of Dharma's flowers, so that she does not spoil her wedding day. I will give her one sneak preview, just because I cant be totally mean. Look at this beautiful floral headband we made for Dharma's flower girl.


That should keep you happy until we arrive with your flowers.

To add to our fun, I roped these poor groomsmen into modeling our bouquets. I am certain when they were asked to pick up the flowers today, they never expected this to happen. I am glad they were willing to play along. This may be our most memorable flower shoot. I am sure they will always remember the wild flower lady. I am so glad that I have the courage to be silly. These bouquets belonged to my bride Khan, and her wedding was today at Whitehall.  Here is a photo of the maids bouquets up close.


We love the touch of navy blue. 

This is Khan's bridal bouquet.


We used circus roses, orange unique roses, milva roses, crocosmia, orange orchids and a few of Don's dahlias. Khan was absolutely adorable, and I can't wait to see her photos.  We also created mason jars full of flowers for her big day.


Feathers and really rich tones are the leading elements for Amy's wedding.




We love this deep purple scabiosa. So sexy.



We also created this beautiful halo for this lovely young lady. 10 years ago I did the wedding flowers for her mommy, Arlee. Now I am doing the flowers for Arlee's sister, Erica.




We also have a very dramatic all deep red wedding with silver and platinum highlights. The bridal bouquet is all white.




Happy great day; we are finished.  In the last 24 hours, I made 32 bouquets, and I love them all. Thanks to my flower shop girls we get to call it an early day. One last great image of our future designer Grace.

  • Kathy Lyons Says: (11.04.2009 | 08:50)

    I must admit that I am an avid blog-stalker of yours. Your “In the Cooler” posts are my favorite and I love this Bride’s orange flowers. I can’t wait until my wedding flowers are In the Cooler next week!
    Thank you so much for all your efforts- can’t wait to see how they turn out!!
    Kathy Lyons

  • Holly Chapple Says: (11.04.2009 | 10:09)

    I am so excited about your wedding. Now that I know you are a blog follower I may have to hide your bouquet when I do “in the cooler”. We will have a lot of fun creating a orange bouquet just for you.

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