This was most certainly a bittersweet day. Today was the last day that our friend Dahlia Don will be able to bring us his precious beauties. I want to be happy. We at least got this one last delivery; however, not seeing his smiling face and those glorious blossoms is going to be a real bummer. We have been praying that we would get his dahlias this weekend for one special bride, and we were so lucky. He actually suffered a 90 percent loss of his crop with the first real frost.  We will have to say goodbye to so many of our local treats. I should be happy as we move to a slightly slower season, and yet I am also very sad. We will be completing a lot of work this week that I have looked forward to for a long time. My back is sore, I am completely exhausted and I had a beautiful baby 8 months ago that I hardly can remember having. With all that said, I still will be sorry to see this week pass.  What we have pulled off this week is nothing short of a miracle. We managed to get the last of the dahlias for Dharma and Amy.

Carrie helped me reorganize my office so that I could begin to get through the sea of emails and paperwork that waits for me when this weekend is finished.



Here is my new desk that we got at On A Whim Antiques. This weekend the store has a huge sale that benefits breast cancer. You should definitely stop by if you have a little spot you need to freshen up.


We received this incredible thank you that gave us the courage to start this work week. We have several designers out with colds, so we have been facing mountains.


We prepared bouquets for a photo shoot with Genevieve Leiper Photography. 



We have battled the flu, sinus infections, and all other lovely forms of illness. Every one of my kids is sick, and that is a lot of sick children. And God love my flower shop girls; they have come to work and created amazing things in spite of my children and their runny noses. We celebrated designer Debbie's birthday today. No restful day off for her; we worked until late into the night. We have already delivered our first event, and we are ready for our first wedding. Here are some of the lovely things resting in the cooler.





I know you are peeking Dharma!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 



  • Sandra White Says: (10.23.2009 | 08:35)

    I know you will miss the dahlias…I was visiting Lacey 2 weekends ago and she was nice enough to go over to the market on Saturday morning and buy some of those beautiful dahlias for us to enjoy…They are absolutely breathtaking, and I am now inspired to try growing some of those beautiful flowers next year.. Your work with them is just stunning.

  • Holly Chapple Says: (10.23.2009 | 07:45)

    You are so sweet and actually, the dahlias have made my work so much easier. They are so beautiful, you could put them with rocks and they would be perfect. Hope you are doing well, thank you so much for keeping up with us on our blog.

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