We have had quite the day today. It is just after midnight, and we are finally ready to call it a day. A huge thanks to Helen (on the left), and Designer Debbie for hanging with me until the bitter end.  In the last two days we have designed for a past vice president, done our weekly deliveries, designed dinner party flowers for Suann from Simple Song Design, delivered Ellen her wedding flowers, plus created designs for Jessica and Julie's weddings tomorrow, which is technically today considering the hour.  I am so tired I am just going to give you that quick sneak peek and then I am hitting the hay. I am absolutely worn out, but I laughed harder tonight than I have in years. In truth this was a killer day. We are once again blown away by the beauty of our designs, and we are very proud of our work.


Our friendship bouquet.



Designs we created for Simple Song a fabulous letterpress company.


Today's bride, Ellen, taking that first look at her bouquet. We will share her pictures with you next week.

Our bride Jessica just a few minutes after she had been to see Don and his Dahlias. Jessica and her friends are going to make some of the centerpieces themselves. We created 52 vases for her and all of the personal flowers.



Dahlia heaven.



Good Night!!!!




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