First off, I have been meaning to show you the new fresh look for our logo. Some of you have already noticed this on the splash page of the website.  I have had lots of great feedback. We are very excited to have this for our new look.  Many thanks to Laura Hooper Calligraphy for her work on this project. I am very happy with the end results. I also have to thank my dear friend and wedding coordinator, Cara Berger from Celebration By Cara for helping me explain to Laura what I needed.  Cara is always an incredible sounding board, perhaps that is why she is such an amazing planner.

  Here are awesome photos from my field trip to Don's Dahlia's. Remember you can get his Dahlias at the Leesburg Farmers Market on Saturday Mornings.  I love this picture because I can hardly contain myself. I literally have to hold my hands back. I was so excited that my oldest son Alex got a huge laugh out of my behavior.

This picture also cracks me up. It is moments like this, that I realize I am truly addicted to flowers and design.

  I love this picture of Don and here come the pictures of his many, extraordinary, specimens.

Here are two of the designs we created with the Dahlia's.

 I think it is very kind of me to share my sources with you; so please don't buy all of Don's Dahlia's.  I have these marked for some very special brides.  Don't worry Dharma, I already special ordered your's.

  We left the Dahlia patch just in time to chaperon the teenagers pool party.  How would you like to come home to this?  There is absolutely never a dull moment in this house.

Elijah is my four year old. He thinks he is one of the cool kids. I guess that is what happens when you have teenagers for siblings.

Elijah is clueless to the age differences, in fact the teenagers seemed to enjoy him.

Elijah also has a really cool car and he often drives Sam around the yard.

  Riley, our fourth child celebrated his 12th birthday this week. We took the "Original Four" to Hershey Park. I think I rode my last roller coasters. It seems to hurt more than it used to.  I have lots more to share, but I think this post is getting ridiculously long. I will save the rest for later.



  • maria Says: (08.06.2009 | 02:47)

    those dahlias are exquisite! cute family pics, too!

  • Dharma Says: (08.06.2009 | 04:59)

    *swoon* so glad to have some of these beauties saved just for me! 🙂

  • Holly Heider Chapple Says: (08.06.2009 | 11:24)

    Thanks Maria, I am really looking forward to working with you.
    Dharma, I knew I would catch you peeking at those dahlia pictures.

  • Vicky @ Event Accomplished Says: (08.07.2009 | 12:03)

    Nature is just incredible! Love that 2nd arrangement. Gorgeous! Congrats on the new logo. Looks fantastic.

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