We have gotten into the habit of doing a "In The Cooler" post before a event.  We just buzz around really quick, and let you see some of the designs while they are sleeping. Everyone needs to rest before the big day, even flowers. These are some of this weeks creations.

We created 50 of these burgundy and white centerpieces. Yes, that is correct 50. We have a wedding tomorrow for 500 people.

This is our pink and lime green wedding. The bridal bouquet is hidden in the cooler.

Here is one, of two very large altar arrangements. They go with the first photo, we have a red, yellow, hot pink, orange and green wedding at Rose Hill Manor in Leesburg.

These pieces (19 total ) were for a rehearsal dinner tonight, they were created for one of our friends at Design Cuisine.  We used dark Milva Roses and elements from my garden, and some exotics. These were picked up at 10:00 am this morning. Happy wedding Kelly. 

It looks like another full weekend at Holly Chapple flowers, more photo's coming at the weeks end.


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