Another really big weekend is about to happen, here at Holly Heider Chapple Flowers. I will treat you with a little sneak preview to keep you dreaming until I can post the weddings. I will not be doing my late night walk through the cooler as the teenagers are also having a party. I must be slightly crazy to add a party to the agenda this weekend. Lets hope it does not rain or the kids will not be outside as planned.
Here are some of this weeks designs, I will let you know over the weekend or on Monday where we have been and what we were doing. For now enjoy this treat.

The Gloriosa Lily. Isn’t she glorious.

Green button Mums used for centerpieces, ring bearer pillow and flower  girl bouquet.

These are the start of our maids bouquets, we need to add white Freesia and ribbon. Right now we are waiting on the Freesia to open up.  A little time outside and the Freesia will be perfect and ready to go to the wedding.

A country style wedding bouquet.

The maids will carry a similar style of bouquet. Many of these blossoms are from my garden.

This week has been so busy the boys just can’t seem to keep up. I really know how to wear out a crowd.  I am glad no one is taking pictures of me at the end of the day, I fall into a work induced coma, very much like my children.

Good luck my brides!! I will see you soon with lots of  lovely flowers.

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