As usual it was another very busy day here. We have been preparing for four weddings.  One on Sat. and 3 on Sunday.  I will be in a coma by Memorial Day.  We got to take a little time out and visit with my Aunt Carla and Uncle Ed.  This was the first time they had met Miss Grace. Grace is crying in the picture with Uncle Ed so we will skip that.

Here, big brother Alex caught Grace posing for the camera.

Now for the designs.  We have been very busy today, we have several different color combinations going on. Here is the weird thing, in spite of the fact that each bride has a different color theme almost all of the bridals are alike. Each bride has something that makes the bouquet their own, be it feathers, orchids, diamonds, blush tones or callas but every bouquet this weekend starts with white peonies.  Most of my brides walk away from the traditional white bridal bouquet, but not this weekend. There are four white bridal bouquets, each with something unique. I will try to get photos of each of those this week.  For now, here are some shots of the cooler.

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