My bride Whitney came by this week to share with me some of her ideas.  Her wedding is in just a few weeks and she wanted me to have these lovely little ribbons. I am to tie one on to each bouquet.  Now, the really cool thing is she took these same ribbons and created for each maid a super sweet book. In each book she made a request to her friend that they be a bridesmaid  in her wedding.  The book shared with each girl just why they were so special to her and why it was important that they stand with her on the wedding day.

Honestly this may be the sweetest think I have ever seen. I mean really, don't we all have friends that make us SMILE, that are BEAUTIFUL, that we CHERISH. The BLESSINGS of a friendship are something we always REMEMBER.

Pretty soon we will create the bouquets that we will bind with these ribbons.  Time is flying as we race towards the June brides.

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