Lucky for my children we live very close to Grandma and Grandpas farm.  I had the privilege of growing  up on a farm in Loudoun County. I take all of those experiences for granted, I forget that my children need to see brand new foals, ride tractors and pick strawberries.  I realized tonight  just how precious life on the farm can be and how fortunate I was to grow up on one.

The newest baby in the family is just four days old.

This pigeon has become a regular at the barn. He is in love with my mothers Welsh Corgi puppy. He literally stalks the dog and follows him everywhere, in fact when we arrived tonight he was actually chasing the dog. Mom has seen him land on the dogs back and take a ride.

A little rock climbing.

Driving the tractor.

Just a few strawberries.

A wonderful night.

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