No words can express our families joy today as our oldest child graduated from VA. Tech.  Alex truly is a amazing man and It seems that VA. Tech also recognizes that someone very special is passing through their doors. In addition to graduating with honors, Alex was awarded a distinguished service award from the English Department.

As suspected taking the whole family to graduation was not easy. We lined the kids up on the floor of the bachelor pad.

Baby Grace had her first shower ever. The college boys did not happen to have a baby tub available.

This lovely young lady kissing our son is Mallary. Alex and Mallary have been dating for over five years. Mallary is a rising Junior at Va. Tech and she is also setting VA. Tech on fire, with her awesome grades and her love of History. Mallary is a great addition to our family. We call her our girlfriend.

Here are my big boys.  My husband Evan has been wonderful handling all things college. From loans to moving. Ev has been the one to make all of this happen. It is such a huge responsibility to guide a  child on their college path.

This picture of Alex and baby Grace just shows the love Alex showers on his siblings.  I have to admit I looked at this picture tonight and I thought I am one lucky mother. I also thought, “oh my, I will be doing this until the class of 2031”

What a wonderful day for our whole family.

Thanks to Tuan and George for being such good friends to Alex, and for letting us stay the night.

  • Cara Says: (05.20.2009 | 06:38)

    Holly – this post was beautiful! Alex is an amazing young man and a HUGE tribute to what a great job you and Evan do as parents. You have everything to do with the man he has turned out to be.
    And your pictures are AWESOME! I love, love, love the one of Alex kissing Grace. Priceless!

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