This week we celebrated Mothers day,watched the kids and the chickens grow in the sunshine. Prepared flowers for Fox 5 news and one other major publication. We created arrangements for our weekly clients, 2 weddings and one rehearsal dinner. I handled the whole clan while my hubby was out of town.  I am so glad he is back home safe and sound. Tomorrow we head to VA. Tech to watch Alex graduate, but first I need to create the bridal bouquet and head table pieces. Life is flying by, brides I have been working with for over a year are married girls now. Grace is 3 1/2 month’s old and I am just floored at how quickly time marches on. Here are some pictures of life at the Full Bouquet this week.

The kids got me a iPod for Mothers Day. They down loaded it with all of their awesome music. I am in love with Paolo Nutini and Blind Pilot. What blows my mind is how much music they have from my generation on their little magic music boxes.  I cant believe how much I love having this thing, now I know why they are plugged in all of the time.

These images are from the Fox 5 News broadcast.  Many thanks to Maria Cooke from Ritzybee  for including me in on this event.

The girls look like they are having so much fun.

Here are the photos from Genevieve’s photo shoot with Holly Heider Chapple Flowers Ltd.

Genevieve and I did not make it to the beach for these shots.  The very clever Genevieve shot these photos right here at the Chapple house. She brought sand and put it right up to the edge of the pool. I mean really, I would have never thought of that.   Plus who knew that my regular picnic bench would look like a dock. We have big hopes for these images and we will keep you posted.

Our wedding designs are turning out amazing as well. Here is a little preview of this weekends beautiful work.

It is time to make the bouquets, pack up the suitcases and get to VA. Tech.
Please say a little prayer for a sunny weekend my bride really deserves a beautiful weekend.

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