This years garden show was blessed with wonderful weather.  I was so happy to be out in the sun with all three of my girls. Here are some pictures from our big weekend.

We worked extremely hard at the show, but I was a little disappointed in Grace’s productivity level

These are some of the awesome designs we offered at the show.

This is the Burke family and they found me at the flower and garden show many years ago. They are so supportive of my business and honestly make me so glad I do what I do. Years ago when we met at the show, she took my business card and put it right in her husbands wallet. She told him if he was ever to buy her flowers I was the place to go to. I have heard this story many times, but this weekend I actually got to see the very worn out card. Mr. Burke pulled the card out for me to see.
I have been blessed enough to share in birthdays, anniversaries, and all through that I watch their children grow.

These are some of the bouquets we made in our flower shop on the streets of Leesburg.

This beautiful, young lady holding Grace is one of my June brides.  Ayana will marry at the Thomas Birkby house.  I love this girl and who wouldn’t , check out her smile.

Here are some of my boys relaxing on the street.

Here is my husband in the Holly Heider Chapple Flower van. Notice he is not driving on the street.

Next comes clean up and then we give the town back to traffic.

  • Kim Says: (04.28.2009 | 04:42)

    Hi Holly, I’m so sad I missed you at the Flower and Garden show! I try to see you every year but this year I hosted an event at my house with leftover guests on Sun as well! You did my wedding in 1998 at Oatlands and then we saw each other at the hospital when you had Elijah. You helped convince me to have my 3rd son! I was so happy to find your site and see that you had baby Grace! How wonderful for you and your family. I love your blog and am always recommending you to brides I know! Congrats on everything and hopefully we’ll run into each other someday soon! ~Kim Coughlin

  • Holly Chapple Says: (04.28.2009 | 07:04)

    I am so sorry I misssed you. I actually was hoping to see you at the show. You are one of the people I expect to see. I asked about you at the hospital this time but I thought I remembered you did not work there any longer. In fact my delivery this time was so funny. All day while I was in labor people were either asking me to do their wedding or saying they were one of my brides. I would love for this blog to be about my past brides as much as future ones, so if you are willing I can post a story about you and your family. I will be at Oatlands in two weeks for a wedding and I will think of you. Send me a picture of the family.

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