Elizabeth made a beautiful bride this past Sat. at Whitehall Estate.

We created the brides bouquet with white phlox, deep purple callas, lav freesia, white (cream) cabbage roses,white peonies, and a collar of green leaves.

The centerpieces were created in square glass cubes. We bound each vase with lavender satin ribbon. We used white hydrangea, lavender phlox, lav stock, lavender tulips, white roses and dark purple carnations. Yes, believe it or not those are purple carnations, and we love them.

  Designer Jessie decorated the mantel with Italian ruscus, white roses, purple orchids and fillers.

The cake was created by Rocio Diaz of a Piece of cake. She is so wonderful, not only are her cakes beautiful the taste is out of this world.

The ceremony was outside, just like magic the rain stopped and our wedding was able to happen as scheduled.  This was a incredible wedding. Congratulation’s Elizabeth.

  • Nikki Says: (02.07.2012 | 10:34)

    Do you know what size cube the floral centerpieces are in? I’m currently deciding whether or not to do the 5.5″ inch squares versus the 6″ squares. They look beautiful! Thanks!

    • Holly Chapple Says: (02.08.2012 | 03:36)

      These would have been five by five vases. A very large sized design can be created in a five by five vase. A six inch square is not needed unless you are going super big and super high dollar!!!

  • Nikki Says: (03.07.2012 | 09:48)

    Thank you so much Holly for your reply. I’ll stick with the 5×5 cubes and use flowers that produce really large blooms like hydrangeas and spray roses.

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