Okay its not just a big day, it has been a really big week. Today we will deliver flowers to our wedding at Whitehall and I will share those pictures later. We our delivering flowers to several hotels or restaurants for their Easter buffets and I start the morning with new clients.  Here is a little peak in the cooler where all of our precious flowers lay waiting and resting for their debut.

Here are some of the Easter buffet pieces. On the floor in buckets you can see all of the green flowers that I will use for a bouquet that I have been asked to create for Washingtonian Magazine.

The arrangements to the left are the altar arrangements for my wedding and on the back wall you can see my brides centerpieces.

We also designed pieces for the other blog I work on. I have been chosen to be a Wedding Ace for Wedding Wire. This is a really big deal as I have been chosen as the Florist Ace who will represent the DC area.  We designed arrangements that would be appropriate for a bridal shower and look what we came up with.

These were designed for the place cards and party favors aren’t we clever

Lets see what else is up. My husband just left to hook up with our 22 year old somewhere between VA. Tech and here to do a little camping. Which means I am alone with all of the kids and I have all of my deliveries. This will be really fun!!!!!! It looks like the 3 children who have been in Florida with grandmother will get back today so together tonight we will do the Easter Eggs and make the babies big day special together. We also will attempt church tomorrow without Evan’s helping hands.  Yes, you should pray for us, in fact you should pray for my whole church that the Chapple babies do not ruin the service.
In addition to all of that we picked up our magazine of the Best of the Knot and saw our name in lights as a Washington DC top pick. We also had the pleasure of speaking with Janie Medley from The Brides Cafe this week. It was absolutely one of the highlights of my week as this is one wonderful woman and I was so thrilled to speak with her. We will be added to her Creme de la Creme list as soon as I get her some worthy photos. I am over the moon with this news.  Happy, Happy, rainy day.

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