This is the Cymbidium Orchid.  She is available in many different colors. For unique and contemporary designs we will use the whole stem. Here is a great example of the full stem in use and of the yellow color.

Here is the white Cymbidium used in a bouquet.  In bouquet work the individual blossoms are removed from the stem.  We tape a wire stem on to the Orchid blossom so that it can be used in bouquets or smaller centerpieces.  This allows us to spread this very expensive flower out and  use it in different types of designs.

Here we have used the individual blossoms in a centerpiece. In this design we put the orchid blossom in a water tube and inserted the tube in to the design. It is always amazing to me how a designer can make the very same flower look different.  These are of course all Holly Heider Chapple Flowers LTd. designs.

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