My blog is starting to be a way for me to remember everything that happens around here in a week. By the end of the week I can barely recall all the fun I was having just seven days earlier. Just think this week I started off with the ISES Gala on Sunday night, I have met with tons of new brides and added them into my life, had some really important business meetings, packed up the kids, or half of them to go to Spring break with Grandma, we had the LCVA annual luncheon, we have been to the zoo, and my daughter went to prom in Farmville. Yes, Farmville. Her boyfriend moved away so we had to deliver our precious daughter to his prom. A big thanks to hubby Evan for getting her down there while I met with brides all day.  Now we have to get her to the airport to catch up with Grandmother in Florida.

  • Chatterberries Says: (04.06.2009 | 12:51)

    Nice wedding pictures, great idea!

  • Dharma Says: (04.08.2009 | 02:30)

    Yes! Thanks to your hubby for doing the Prom transport so my Mom and I could meet with you. The flowers has definitely been the most fun so far… and I just can’t WAIT to see your beautiful creations!

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