Last night was truly amazing. I met so many wonderful people my head is just buzzing with all of the possibilities.   We at  Holly Heider Chapple Flowers would like to thank Maria Cooke From Ritzybee for bringing us along to get Hitched.  Maria helped to put together a panel of wedding professionals for a little Q and A.   Anne Chertoff the editor of Brides.Com came from New York to host the event and interview our panel.  Many thanks to the girls at Hitched for allowing us to bombard their beautiful salon and to Design Cuisine for their inspiration and hard work. I hope you enjoy these pictures, they show just how beautiful the night was. We could not have asked for a better turn out there was not one seat left in the house. Thanks to everyone the night was a complete success.

Holly Chapple, baby Grace and Maria Cooke of Ritzybee and yes my flowers.

Anne Chertoff and the panel of  wedding vendors.  Yes, that’s me to the right. I really do get out of the flower cooler.

One of our beautiful floral designs surrounded by the unbelievable gowns at Hitched.

This table top was inspired by Bill from Design Cuisine. I could actually see the wheels turning in his head when I went for our concept development meeting. He is truly a amazing artist. It was such a pleasure to be given this blank canvas for my florals.  We created these arrangements in rectangular glass vases lined with red Ti leaves.  Each piece contained a mass of deep purple and wine mini callas,plum and wine colored ranunculus, hot lady roses, sweetness roses,black baccara roses, fiddle head ferns, silver brunia, deep purple orchids and red foliages. I have to say these were very sexy.

This table was truly divine, I loved every inch from the beautiful linens to the green glass. We can thank Kelly from Design for dreaming up this table. She loves it so much she is using it in June for her very own wedding.

  • Krystle Gulley Says: (03.20.2009 | 11:15)

    Holly! It was great to meet you last night and the event was WONDERFUL! Full of inspiration and good tips. I won the green and white centerpiece in the raffle and it is absolutely gorgeous on my dining room table. I just wanted to say thank you and that your work is beautiful!

  • Kris Says: (03.26.2009 | 07:51)

    You look beautiful in the photo holding baby Grace here! -Kris

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