Donna Johnson has been taking family photos of our clan for years. Her photos are truly some of my most prized possessions. Her images record the history of this ever growing and changing family.  We are constantly putting Donna to the test by adding one more baby to the clan. As our numbers continue to go up Donna’s job gets increasingly more difficult. Yesterday in order to keep Sam the 2 year old happy she photographed us with a blanket over her head. She looked like cousin It.  She also pulled out her charm school skills and balanced a toy rifle on her head while photographing us just to get Sam to give up the toy.

When guests come to visit they always comment about our family photos.   Knowing photographers and using them is a direct result of working with brides and their photographers. I have to encourage you to gather up your loved ones and have a family photo shoot. Each time I look up and see one of our portraits its like a little kiss that always creates a smile.

The Full Bouquet

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