Yesterdays morning started with buckets of beautiful pale yellow and champagne toned flowers.  Our first project of the day was to study Ariella’s bouquet style.

Ariella is a beautiful and calming spirit. She is also a very gentle and loving teacher.

This is the bouquet I designed yesterday. It was created with yellow peony, garden roses, carnations, yellow brodia, yellow gloriosa lily, and roses from Garden Valley Ranch.  In the end the design was very pretty. However I did get off to a bad start and I completely redid my piece. This of course was frustrating to someone that has created over a 1,000 bridal bouquets. But there are those moments when I am designing and I abandon my creation and begin again.

A sweet little bouquet perfect for the mothers.

Flower crowns and halos, done the Ariella way.

We also learned this simple and really easy trick for decorating the chairs at a reception.

We also made citrus garlands.  Ariella loves to use these citrus designs on bars or mantels.

She also showed us a simple trick to making a magnolia garland.

Here is my completed citrus garland.

This was another great day here in Sonomoa. Life is good here at the TwinPalms.

  • Kim @ Art with Nature Says: (06.14.2012 | 02:41)

    This was an unbelievable experience! Holly, it was so wonderful meeting you and spending the last few days with you! Wish I could have been there for the last day….I felt bad that I left so quickly, I was quickly turning into weepy fool…..See you next March for sure!!!

  • jaclyne - heavenly blooms Says: (06.14.2012 | 02:53)

    She must be pretty amazing for you to travel cross country to study with her. I am envious of all the techniques and mini getaway you’re experiencing. I am also a bit sad that you’re on the west coast and I still can’t even meet up with you!! I suppose its even more reason for me to make the trip to Virginia. Your designs are beautiful as always Holly. Loving the citrus garland and your bouquet is stunning…xo

  • patty mikicic Says: (06.14.2012 | 04:03)

    amazing! all of it amazing! The workshop, the colors, the fullness, the compostiton- amazing! Ariella is one of my faves as well as you- match made in floral heaven 🙂

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