I took a huge leap of faith this week and I am grateful beyond belief. Crazily, I asked on twitter, what flower designers would be willing to meet me in NYC?  When several designers responded yes, I went to my friend the amazing David Beahm and asked if we could teach a class together. In my wildest dreams I would have never imagined such an informal gathering could have turned out so perfectly. In a few days I will have the professional images from this trip, but for now I needed to thank these girls for traveling to visit with me, for having faith in me, and for sharing with me their love of flowers. I am back in VA. now, it's Spring break and all 7 kids are home. I am in awe of all that just happened and shocked to know that you really can have it all: a full life, a fabulous career, and friends across the country. I am so proud of what has happened and that I had the courage to ask "Who will meet me in NYC?" I will never ever be afraid to ask, or jump, as it seems these crazy things I do are truly blessed. To each and every designer who came thank you from the bottom of my heart for coming to NYC.  I feel so fulfilled, and so truly blessed to have spent time with you. Here is to next year!!!!

Jenn, Modern Day Flowers or known to me as Modern Day Jenn…

Freelancer Robin Buop, Katie owner of Inspired Floral, and Janice our Precious Pear...

Freelancer Alicia Broehl, Courtenay owner of Courtenay Lambert Florals.

Modern Day Jenn, Precious, and Trish Van de Merkt owner of Grapevine Floral Company..

Alexandra Jusiono owner of Exquisite Weddings, Isha Foss of Isha Foss Events, designer Robin Buop, and Trish Van de Merkt of Grapevine Floral.

My precious Janice from Precious Pear, and the amazing truly wonderful Liz from Fleur:ology.

Stay tuned to meet my other amazing flower friends when the real images get to us. I thought I would be sued if I put up some of the horrid images I took.

  • Janice Wong Says: (03.11.2011 | 01:08)

    I love the title, “BFF’s”, and I’m so proud that I’m part of it!!! I miss you gals so much already. – Janice aka Precious 😀

  • janet Says: (03.12.2011 | 01:21)

    Looks like you had a blast!

  • Cori Christensen Says: (03.12.2011 | 06:40)

    Beautiful pics! Thanks for sharing:) Wonderful time with wonderful women!

  • Danielledewitt Says: (03.14.2011 | 09:00)

    I have to say I’m not a floral designer but just a HUGE fan of those who are and I ended up following your trip through blogs and tweets because of “Modern Day Jenn” whose creations I just simply adore. What an incredible opportunity this was for all involved! Thanks for sharing it all!

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