I have been gone from blogging for so long I hardly know how to pick up the pieces, but it’s time to begin again. I honestly feel as if I have lost my voice. Where do I begin, how do I pick up where I left off? So much has happened in one year that it all seems hard to believe. I taught floral design in NYC, Atlanta, California, Australia and at our home based studio. I did destination weddings in North Carolina and in California as well as events on the Eastern Shore. We provided flowers for over 150 weddings this year. We did full event design for 15 couples this year. This meant we were the “editors” of the day. We created an overall cohesive and fabulous look and flow to those weddings and we were incredibly pleased with the outcome. We diversified our offerings by providing lush and elaborate designs to some clients and local or garden blooms to others. Each client mattered, each event was spectacular. Life has been very different. Just 2 short years ago I had rarely traveled for work or even for networking and learning. Now travel is a common practice for me. I am loving the new and exciting things that are happening but it is all a little surreal. I’m finding it even harder to juggle my career with my family and friends. And now I want to add blogging back into my life? But it feels important because I feel like I am losing touch with the people I used to write for. I miss inspiring my brides and encouraging budding designers. Instagram has been a fabulous resource for me but I have to admit it’s made me a tad bit lazy. I hope to come back into your lives with lots of pretty and lots of inspiration. And I hope to let you back into my life as well. Reach out to me, I miss you all, and I hope you’ve missed me too!

The above image was taken at The Knot Dream wedding at the Biltmore hotel in North Carolina. Photography by Realities.

  • Dominique Says: (01.19.2015 | 10:10)

    Welcome back to blog land! The bouquet illustration is g.o.r.g.e.o.u.s xx

  • Alexandra Jusino Says: (01.19.2015 | 11:09)

    finally! But I understand, this blogging thing takes some serious effort.

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