Lindsay and Arkadiy married a few weeks ago at Ostertag Vistas. It was so much fun to be a part of this wedding. This was a wedding venue I had never been to before. The property featured eautiful grounds and historical buildings that simply had me mesmerized. The gorgeous pictures you are about to see were taken by my good friend Tracy Timmester. When Tracy photographs my work, I am always delighted with the results.

I was so thankful that Lindsay and Arkadiy were able to marry outside. It was threatening serious rain that day.

Small designs were created for the aisle.

The couple married in front of the Trinity Tree. Instead of traditional floral arrangements I suggested floral designs that were not symmetrical and that would be attached to the tree. I told Lindsay I was not sure what I was going to do, but if she trusted me I could make it work. Thankfully because of her trust, we were able to create one of my all time favorite altar designs. When we arrived at the tree we decided to do a floral at the base of the tree where the tree separated into two parts into a V. The above picture shows the floral at the base of the tree.

This design was on the right side of the tree…

and this floral climbed up the left side of the tree. It was so much fun to create this very unique piece.

The bridal bouquet was created with peach juliet roses, coral roses, peach spray roses, peach stock, free spirit roses, scented geranium, chamomile, and the first of the Cafe Au lait dahlias from Don.

This is such a beautiful color combination.

For half of the centerpieces we decorated the brides teal blue bird cages, we used vine and a mix of the days flowers.

The additional centerpieces were created in compote bowls.

This was such a pretty wedding. Happy married life Lindsay and Arkadiy. We loved designing your wedding flowers.


  • Lindsay Says: (11.08.2013 | 08:23)

    Holly, I absolutely adored the flower creations you designed for our wedding. If I could have one small memory take me back to how I felt on that day, it would be the alluring and mesmorizing scent of my bouquet. One whiff and I’m back at the altar, back in the barn with all my friends and family close. To say I loved your flowers puts it very lightly. I absolutely adored them! Thank you so so much! So fabulous. Hands down my favorite detail.

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