There is a luxury conference for the wedding and event designers its called Engage. I have always wanted to attend this event but the word Luxury and Holly (working mom of 7 kids) just have not seemed to go together in the same sentence. I finally took the plunge and I am headed to this always sold out event. This years event is being held at the Biltmore Estate in North Carolina. At Engage, I will have the opportunity to network with some of the top wedding professionals. Most people spend weeks planning for this trip, I however in true Holly fashion, have missed the mani and pedi most girls will get. In fact the last one I had was when I had baby grace. I hate ugly feet in stirrups!! I would have loved to arrive looking refreshed and beautiful, but right now I am just hoping I don’t fall over before I go. We have been to Chestertown Md, Va Beach, an abandoned mansion, and worked on 10 events in the last 7 days. Part of me wishes I was that super cute decked out chick, but the fact of the matter is I am a working girl. A work your arse off kind of girl. Between the 7 kids, the countless emails, and all of the flowers, flowers that we request, chase, purchase, process, design, and deliver, there isn’t a lot of time to prepare for a trip.  I hope the celebrities can take me as I am, because here I come, and I most certainly missed my mani.

12 hours later: I caved, I raced to town before all of the wedding deliveries and I splurged, I GOT A MANI!! 30 minutes later, I went to work, and destroyed my pretty nails. I scratched the polish and broke one of my nails right off . Yep, I am a working girl!!!


  • Peggy Sherwood Design and Events Says: (05.31.2013 | 12:45)

    You are the biggest STAR in my book!!!!!!!

  • Susan McLeary Says: (05.31.2013 | 07:06)

    Haha! Enjoy, you can’t help but look gorgeous, Holly!

  • Heather Hapworth Bowman Says: (06.08.2013 | 07:56)

    Thanks for chipping a nail for me. The flowers at my wedding were AMAZING!!!

  • Anna Says: (07.17.2013 | 07:47)

    Holly, you showed up looking gorgeous!!!!

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