Perhaps one of the most exciting things about life is that you never really know where you are headed or how things will end up when you get there. For the most part I have enjoyed the surprises around the bend, and I am certainly in a life I never dreamed of. If someone had told me at my 15th wedding anniversary that I would go on to have 3 more children, or that Evan would become a part of our business and that we would work together to create a network for floral designers, I would have laughed my you-know-what off. I can’t believe what has happened to us. Sure, I was making decisions along the way that got us here, but I really didn’t see this life unfolding. I am thankful we got where we are, and I am trying to trust daily in the way life unfolds. So far so good. There are most certainly days that I wish I could predict the next direction of this family/floral design studio. Trying to pick our next option or next best move is often scary and confusing. In my world there are already so many uncertainties like, where I will get those peach Juliet cabbage roses, or whether or not the viburnum will be ready in time for that wedding. I am dependent on nature and suppliers across the world. I have gotten used to that level of uncertainty. That much I am used to, but lately, my mind has been racing with thoughts like do we need a warehouse, more land, a retail space, a barn, or even a wedding venue. Growth is something I am used to, I expect it, I even long for it. Perhaps my constant need for growth comes from spending all of my life in or around gardens and because I have always been in a house full of kids… gardens and kids grow!! If I had a crystal ball I would know what is next, but since I don’t, I guess I am just along for the ride. I bet when we get where we are going, I am going to be shocked at what happens next.HC

Photo by Geneveive Leiper

  • Carla Fraser Says: (05.06.2013 | 02:21)

    Holly, Thank you for for sharing your story and your knowledge with our class at NOVA. Your are very fun too!
    Carla Fraser

  • Ellen Snyder Says: (05.06.2013 | 09:19)

    Holly! Thank you for sharing this lovely, personal piece… You have touched on much that I can relate to… My husband, John, and I have stepped out into “the unknown” many times, in our 24 years of marriage, and it has been an incredible, and most unpredictable “ride”! BTW – I just love this beautiful picture of you and Evan! Again, thank you! xoxo Ellen
    xoxo Ellen

  • Christy Says: (06.02.2013 | 07:36)

    Okay, so my favorite post ever. I love the photo, too. It makes me want to cry. Brian is an electrical contractor (that’s my hubs). You give me great inspiration for this life, I have fallen into, this flower shop that found me and this spirit for life I have found. I love you, Holly. And, I adore your heart on your sleeve and the way you share, and give, inspire, laugh, love, and smile before the world. You’re a gift to all of us for all that you are. XoXo!!!

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