This is gonna be fun!!! As many of you know I am the founder of a floral design network that consists of incredibly talented and stylish floral and event designers, we are the Chapel Designers. Today we are playing one of our favorite games where we host a progressive blog post!! This means at the end of this post I will provide a list of links to other inspiring designs created by some of my favorite Chapel Designers.  Today’s progressive blog post is all about bouquets. The designs in this post were created by me for a local bridal show. Thankfully I had the pieces professionally photographed. The dear Anne Robert captured all of these outrageously beautiful images.

My first bouquet was created with succulents and air ferns. Many of the succulents were gathered in California when I was teaching there.  The design was created in an armature that I learned to make in Europe. The wire structure certainly helped to support the weight of the succulents, making my design super sexy and fun.

This design featured white mini calla lily. black privet berry, white agapanthus, white anemone, and an insanely gorgeous ribbon that Martha Stewart Weddings featured several years ago.

This exotic design features king protea, black beauty roses, wanted roses, silver brunia, and dusty miller. Once again amazing ribbon from our favorite source in NYC.

White and emerald, this bouquet was inspired by the pantone color of the year emerald green. Once again when I pulled this ribbon from the shelf in NYC the store said “the offices of Martha Stewart bought that very ribbon last week. My picker is good!!!

This bouquet features my favorite yellow cabbage rose “yellow campanella” yellow tara roses, yellow ranunculus, and yellow mimosa flowers. Ribbon was from Hyman Handler the ribbon store I keep chanting about.

Now check out the work of my amazing friends, the very best friends a flower girl can have!!

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